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The first gas station with Autogas in Cyprus

LPG is a real alternative to traditional fuels. It’s a quick and economical conversion to a clean, environmentally friendly choice. These features have made LPG the most widely used alternative fuel in the world. Over 45 million drivers have already chosen it for their vehicle and this makes it the most widely used alternative fuel in the world right afer gasoline and diesel.

 It is an environmentally friendly fuel that does not emit polluting particles and reduces noise pollution in cities.

 Blue Circle Engineering, in cooperation with the TotalPlus Petroleum company, introduces you to the first petrol station with the possibility of refueling with LPG in Cyprus. The service station is on the way to Paphos Airport in Timi and offers for the first time to the consumer the choice of LPG as a fuel for vehicles.

 Tests have shown that LPG emits*:

  • 10-12% less CO2 than gasoline
  • 53% less NOx than gasoline
  • 120 times less polluting particles than diesel

*Ref: http://auto-gas.net/libraries/faq/

 The cost of installing the LPGas conversion kit in your vehicle depends on the type of engine it has (4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder, etc.) as well as the degree of difficulty of its application. Generally, installation costs start at around € 900. Blue Circle Engineering represents VERSUS Poland, which is perhaps the largest European installation system manufacturer.

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